Good or Bad Copywriting?

by Jeff Coil on May 21, 2014

I often am confronted with business owners whose point of view is backwards. That is, they think there business is all about them. When in fact most of their customers could care less about them. This leads to copy / advertisements such as the one below. The copy is from “How to Write a Good […]


The first month on 2014 is almost over but there is still time to double your business profits this year.  In order to make this year a great year for your business there are a few strategies we need to be reminded of. The overall mindset that you need to begin with comes from Michael […]


Two Faces In The Mirror

January 3, 2014

Richard Branson, the already successful Branson, has had to close down businesses that were sucking money down drains with no end in sight. Arguably, he made bad decisions and bad investments. If he lives long enough and stays active, he’ll do so again. Long after the big crash that almost did him in, the freshly, […]

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Renegade Millionaire

July 9, 2013

Leading the Pack Even When You’re Out-Ranked and Out-Gunned By Dan Kennedy “Leadership depends more upon the man than the rank.”  – Harold Geneen .  For good or bad, I consider myself fortunate to have missed the Vietnam experience.  But I’ve talked to enough vets to know that “fragging” was much more common than the […]

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On Achievement, Prosperity, and Envy

August 23, 2012

The Renegade Millionaire Way by Dan S. Kennedy On Achievement, Prosperity, and Envy  Oscar Wilde said: “It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating.” There’s nothing wrong with both, of course. Those who insist that money doesn’t buy happiness are usually short on money, ignorant of means of getting any, and selling […]

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